Can students outside the U.S. use Official Digital SAT Practice?

Yes. Students taking the digital SAT Suite tests will have access to the following free, high-quality test preparation resources:

  • Sample Test Questions (With Answer Explanations): These questions illustrate the range of skills and knowledge on the digital SAT Suite tests as well as the response formats used (multiple-choice and, for select Math questions, student-produced response).
  • Full-length Adaptive Digital SAT Practice Test Forms: Students can take full-length digital practice tests directly in Bluebook™, allowing them to get the full digital SAT Suite experience while familiarizing themselves with test content. Practice tests for the PSAT-related assessments will be available starting in June 2023. Full-length linear paper and pencil practice test forms are also available from College Board as downloadable PDFs. These forms are recommended only for students who will require paper-based accommodations on test day.
  • Official Digital SAT Prep on Khan Academy: Students can log on to Khan Academy® to prepare with digital SAT test questions and receive feedback, including answer explanations. In addition to providing test preparation activities, Khan Academy offers students a range of high-quality skill and knowledge building activities, including numerous videos and articles that target specific areas where students might need additional support.

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