Digital SAT Suite: Testimonials

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In November 2021, the College Board piloted the digital SAT in the U.S. and internationally; 80% of students responded that they found it to be less stressful and 100% of educators reported having a positive experience. Read more about what they have to say.

Student Testimonials


Digital SAT pilot student, USA 
“I like how easy the setup was overall, the quick instructions on test day, and the VERY MUCH less stressful test format.  It was way less stressful and had less cumbersome instructions.” 

Anonymous Student

Digital SAT timing research study 
“It felt like I was just taking a normal test, like a survey of what I knew, and was not stressful at all.” 


Digital SAT pilot student, Brazil 
“As an English learner, I found the reading passages much better and more interactive than the long reading texts on the current SAT.” 

Anonymous Student

Digital SAT timing research study 
“I am always practicing on my device, thus answering these questions felt more comfortable in the sense that I am more familiar with taking SAT questions on a device than on paper. Overall, it was a less stressful experience and I quite enjoyed it.” 


Digital SAT pilot student, USA 
“The countdown timer was a great idea to let you know how to finish just in time.” 


Digital SAT pilot student, Mexico 
“The digital SAT was really efficient. I loved that I could go back to questions that I had flagged, since usually on paper I take extra time to find the questions I had missed.” 


Digital SAT pilot student, USA 
“To put it simply, so much time is wasted on bubbling in answers on paper-and-pencil tests. Having the ability to simply mark my answer swiftly with confidence was incredibly relieving.” 


Digital SAT pilot student, China 
“On the digital SAT, I can see exactly how much time I had remaining was very convenient. The reading passages were shorter but still very challenging. As an English learner, I felt like it measured my English skill better than a lengthy essay.”

Anonymous Student

Digital SAT timing research study 
“Time management became much easier because of the count-down timer. This reduced my stress as I knew I had enough time to think critically about the question rather than panicking and choosing a random option when I was unsure of what I had just read.” 

Anonymous Student

Digital SAT timing research study 
“I really liked looking at the very short passages and answering a single question. It reduced my anxiety.” 


Educator/Administrator Testimonials


Digital SAT pilot test center coordinator, China 
“A digital SAT test day is much faster. The highlight for me is at the end of the test day, no packaging of paper and tests, no forms to fill out and I didn’t have to spend another half hour at the test center just to make sure that things are done.”  


Digital SAT pilot test center coordinator, India 
“The digital SAT is efficient, easy, and most convenient. We did not have to unpack, securely receive, gather, distribute, or collect test books or answer papers. Monitoring a student's progress during the test was reassuring, and effective in reaching out to a student in case of a technical problem. The test day was hassle free.”