How do I ensure students receive PSAT/NMSQT fee waivers or SAT fee reduction benefits using the test ordering site?

You’re no longer required to order fee waivers or fee reduction benefits for eligible students you plan on testing prior to test day. After test day, you need to log into the test ordering site when the invoicing window opens for the test you ordered. You can view the invoice window for your test order on your ordering dashboard.  

Once your answer sheets are received, you need to complete the following before the invoice window closes:

  1. Log in to the test ordering site.
  2. Review the answer sheet counts for your ordered test.
  3. Enter your invoice information, including “misgrid” adjustments to make corrections for students who bubbled in the wrong grade. Remember: Making misgrid adjustments doesn’t impact the grade present on the student’s record (it’s not updated) and is used for billing purposes only.
  4. Select eligible students from the fee waiver/reduction benefits roster who should receive these benefits. Make sure you tell your students about these benefits and encourage them to accept those benefits online in order to utilize them.