How do I order makeup tests for SAT School Day?

When ordering a SAT School Day test, you’ll reserve a makeup test date in case some or all students cannot test on your planned test date. You may be restricted on the date you can reserve for your makeup test:

  1. If you’re ordering under a contract, your reserved makeup test date is defined by your contract and you can’t change it.  
  2. If you aren’t ordering under a contract or your contract doesn’t include a makeup test date, you’ll choose a makeup test date when ordering your planned test date.

On test day, you must log in to the test ordering site to place a makeup test order for students who couldn’t test on your planned test date. You have up to two days to place or change your makeup order. You’ll see the option to order a makeup test on your ordering dashboard.

Please be aware that you need to reuse the student guides and testing manuals from your prior administration on the makeup test day. You won’t be sent additional manuals and guides for your makeup testers.