Digital SAT Device Requirements

Get detailed device requirements for the digital SAT.

Before you take the digital SAT, you'll need to know what device you'll be testing with as well as any device requirements or technical specifications prior to downloading the Bluebook™ testing application.

You can run Bluebook on a Windows laptop or tablet, a Mac laptop, an iPad, or a school-managed Chromebook.

Tech Readiness

Before test day, you'll need to download Bluebook to the device you’re going to test with. Then 1–5 days before your test, you'll complete a quick exam setup. The application will confirm that your device meets all requirements, then it will download your test and generate your admission ticket.

Note: You can print your admission ticket or email it to yourself, so you have it handy on test day.

How to Download Bluebook

If you're going to test with a personal device, you can download the Bluebook application now and start practicing.

If you have a school-managed device, and you're able to download applications, you can complete this step yourself. If you're unable to download applications, ask your school to install Bluebook for you.