The PSAT 8/9

Take the PSAT 8/9 to get early feedback on your knowledge in the areas that matter most for college and career readiness.


How to Prepare for the PSAT 8/9

The PSAT 8/9 is now digital. Find out what to expect on test day.

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Learn about the PSAT 8/9

Like the SAT, the PSAT 8/9 includes a Reading and Writing section and a Math section.

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Find out what to expect on test day by downloading the Bluebook™ app. You can see a preview of the test and even take a practice test.

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PSAT 8/9 Test and Score Release Dates

Test Dates

Your school chooses a date to offer the PSAT 8/9 in October, March, or April. Ask your counselor when you'll take it.

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Score Release Dates

Scores are typically available online 4–6 weeks after test day. Students testing in October can get their scores in November and students testing in March can get their scores beginning in April. The specific day depends on the date they tested and submitted their answers.

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For K-12 Educators

Assessment Reporting for K–12 Educators

The K–12 score reporting portal offers educator score reports with aggregate and detailed data.

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Scheduling and Ordering the PSAT 8/9

Prepare to administer the PSAT 8/9 by working with your school or district to order tests, choose an initial test date, review fees, and register students.

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Why Offer the PSAT 8/9?

Discover the benefits of bringing the PSAT 8/9 to your school or district.

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