Why Take the SAT?

Most colleges—including those that are test optional—still accept SAT test scores. Together with high school grades, the SAT can show your potential to succeed in college or career.

Stand Out on College Applications

Use Your Scores to Your Advantage

Taking the SAT is strong evidence that you're ready for college and have what colleges are looking for. Plus, you can choose to only send your best scores to colleges.

The PSAT/NMSQT Prepared You for This

If you took the PSAT/NMSQT you're already familiar with—and prepared for—the SAT. Historically, students who took the PSAT/NMSQT score higher on the SAT, on average, than those who didn't.

Considering Taking the ACT Instead?

Colleges actually don't have a preference for which one you should take. As a matter of fact, the SAT may be your best test to take.

What Is a Test-Optional College?

Learn more about how colleges have introduced more flexibility and choice in their admissions process.

Here's Why the SAT May Be Your Best Test

There are no "SAT words." Just the kind of words in context you'll use in college and long after test day.

Plus, you'll only need to know the math that matters—concepts that are closely connected to college and career success.

The SAT gives you more time per question than the ACT®—43% more. And there's no penalty for guessing.

There's no separate science section. The science skills needed for college are tested in the context of the reading passages.

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The SAT Is Going Digital

Find out what to expect on test day.

Start Preparing with Bluebook™

See the test preview or take a full-length practice test.

Download Bluebook

What's Different About the Digital SAT

The digital SAT is easier to take:

Nearly an hour shorter

More time per question

Built-in graphing calculator

Shorter reading passages

When Should You Take the SAT?

Most students take the SAT for the first time in the spring of junior year and again in the fall before college application deadlines.

Not sure if there's a test center near you? There probably is!

Take the SAT for Free

If you're eligible for a fee waiver, you can take the SAT for free. Plus, you can send your scores to as many colleges as you'd like.

Is Your School Offering SAT School Day?

Find out what you can expect if your school offers SAT School Day. Talk to your principal or counselor about bringing SAT School Day to your school.

College Board SAT School Day Program

SAT School Day gives students the opportunity to take the SAT on a weekday—instead of a weekend—in the comfort of their own school.

SAT School Day Student Testimonial - Diyonia

In-school testing means easier logistics because students no longer have to worry about getting to or locating the testing site, plus it won't disrupt weekend plans or family time.

SAT School Day Student Testimonial - Ziik

Students report having less stress when they test in a place they know, and they're better rested and prepared when they can test on a regular school day.

Plan for Life After High School

BigFuture School® is a free mobile app that delivers SAT School Day scores right to your mobile phone. You'll also get customized career information and guidance about planning and paying for college. Based on your school or district, you may also use the Connections™ feature which lets you hear from nonprofit colleges, scholarships, and educational organizations that are interested in you.

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Endorsed, Free Official SAT Practice

The best way to practice for the SAT is free and personalized to you.