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The SAT democratizes access to higher education for all students. Learn about the test's design, scoring, and capacity to support college success.

Benefits of the SAT

The SAT has changed significantly over its more than 100-year history and offers a wide range of benefits to students, educators, and higher ed professionals.

Promotes Educational Advancement

The SAT is one of the most accessible, affordable, and fair ways for students from all backgrounds to show what they know and connect with colleges.

Prepares Students for College and Beyond

Today, it's an achievement test closely linked to what students learn in high school and what research shows they need to know in college.

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Introducing the Digital SAT Suite

Beginning internationally in 2023, the SAT Suite of Assessments will be delivered digitally. While the transition to digital will bring a number of student- and educator-friendly changes, many important features of the SAT Suite will stay the same.

What's Staying the Same

The SAT Suite will continue to measure the knowledge and skills that students are learning in school and that matter most for college and career readiness.

What's Changing

The digital SAT Suite is easier to take, easier to give, more secure, and more relevant.

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Attitudes Toward College Admission and the SAT

Survey data show that more than 80% of students and parents across racial and gender demographics want the option to send their SAT scores for college admission, either as optional or required. Colleges continue to use the SAT for a wide range of purposes including admissions and scholarship decisions, course placement, and early identification for academic support.

Beyond the Admission Decision: New Trends in Test Score Use

An increasing number of institutions are now collecting standardized test scores after admissions decisions have been made. Explore case studies that offer insights into how institutions are communicating their testing policies and how they use test scores in different and innovative ways.

SAT and College Enrollment

Learn how the SAT informs college recruitment, admission, and success.