Using Skills Insight™

Skills Insight provides an easy and intuitive way for teachers, students, and education professionals to better understand and make use of scores from the digital SAT Suite.

What Is Skills Insight

Skills Insight describes the skills and knowledge that students scoring in particular ranges on digital SAT Suite assessments are likely able to demonstrate. Test takers receive Skills Insight information related to their performance levels as part of their online score reports.

Skills Insight Components

Skills Insight consists of two main components:

Skill/Knowledge Statements

These statements describe what students scoring in particular performance score bands on the Reading and Writing and Math sections of the digital SAT Suite tests are typically able to demonstrate.

Exemplar Test Questions

These questions solidify those statements by illustrating the kinds and rigor of test questions that students in various performance score bands are typically able to answer correctly.

Skills Insight Statements

Derived from a careful analysis of student performance on hundreds of actual digital SAT Suite questions, Skills Insight consists of a series of statements identifying what test takers scoring in particular performance score bands (ranges) on the Reading and Writing and Math sections typically know and can do in these subject areas.

How to Use These Statements

Examining the statements associated with a given set of scores and (if applicable) at higher score bands can help students and those working with them better understand test performance and how to improve it.

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Get the Most Out of Skills Insight

One of the main benefits of Skills Insight is that it helps students and their families, teachers, and others better understand what particular score ranges on the digital SAT Suite tests represent in terms of skill and knowledge acquisition.

Assess K–12 Reporting

Using the new Knowledge and Skills report, educators can better understand their students' section-level performance on the digital SAT Suite tests.

Access Reports

Access Skills Insight Tool

Educators can view skill/knowledge statements and example questions aligned to their students' test section performance when considering how well their teaching aligns to the college and career readiness requirements in literacy and/or math embedded in Skills Insight.

View Skills Insight

Access Question Bank

Students and educators can find sample questions at varying levels of difficulty aligned to the content domains and skill/knowledge elements represented in Skills Insight and on the digital SAT Suite tests.

Review Sample Questions