Get more details on how to use assistive technology on the digital SAT.

If you have a documented disability, you might be eligible for testing accommodations such as extended time, extra and extended breaks, and a screen reader (text-to-speech). Some accommodations are given differently on the digital test than they were on the paper and pencil test.

Getting Approval

Accommodations must be approved by College Board's Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD). Your school counselor or SSD coordinator can submit the request. Requests must be submitted by the request deadline.

Accommodations on Digital Tests

Some accommodations are given differently on digital tests than they were on paper and pencil tests. For example, instead of a reader or braille test, you will use a screen reader (text-to-speech) unless another accommodation is requested. Instead of large print, you will use zoom. It is important to know how your accommodation(s) will be given on the digital test, and to take a practice test with your approved accommodations. If you're approved for extra time or breaks, they'll be applied to your digital test.

Assistive Technology

If you use a screen reader or other assistive technology, it's important to know how it will work with Bluebook™. Get more information about assistive technology.



Using Accommodations

Learn how to use your accommodations for digital assessments.