Digital SAT Suite of Assessments

SAT Weekend Testing Staff

Thank you for providing students the opportunity to take the digital SAT. Use the information on this page to begin planning for a successful SAT Weekend test administration.


What to Expect on Test Day

Get ready to administer the digital SAT.

Test Day Experience

Learn what proctors and students experience during digital testing.

Prepare for Test Day

What To Do Now

Step 1: Now

Read manuals and training guides, recruit staff, and prep testing rooms and devices.

Step 2: 4–5 Weeks Before Test Day

Complete and share training with staff and access Test Day Toolkit.

Step 3: 2–3 Weeks Before Test Day

Check Test Day Toolkit for roster updates and ensure testing rooms and networks meet requirements.

Step 4: 1 Week Before Test Day

Plan student check-ins and check both school-managed and College Board loaned devices.

Step 5: On Test Day

Grant staff full Test Day Toolkit access, manage test day experience, submit IR and honorarias, and return loaned devices.

Prepare for Test Day

Test Coordinator Readiness

Find Test Day Toolkit setup instructions, readiness checklist, and training modules.

Start Planning

Proctor and Hall Monitor Readiness

Find detailed test day procedures and required training.

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Technology Monitor Readiness

Get a tech readiness checklist and find out how to work with technology staff at your school or facility.

Get Test Day Tips

Testing Students with School-Based Accommodations in a Test Center

Learn the steps you need to take if you're testing a student with school-based accommodations in a test center.

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We've created short, self-paced training modules to introduce the new procedures for administering the digital SAT. Training is required for all staff. Topics include test day procedures, Test Day Toolkit, technology, and test center planning.


The password to access documents on this page is the same for all PDF downloads that require one. It can be found in the latest email from College Board.

In-School Testing

If you're planning for spring 2024 digital PSAT-related assessments or SAT School Day, visit our In-School Testing page.

Conversation Guides

Working with IT Staff on Technical Readiness

Get the Checklist

Advising Students and Parents

Read Our FAQs

Talk to Students About Why They Should Take the SAT

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about technology, staffing, or other topics impacting digital SAT testing staff?

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Dates and Deadlines

Contact Us

For questions regarding test administration, loaned devices, Test Day Toolkit, issues with the Bluebook testing app, setting up managed devices, or any other technical assistance, call +1 212-307-9731. In addition to regular weekday hours, we are open for extended overnight hours the entire week before the test.

For help with policies and procedures, test day issues, and loaned devices:

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For help with Test Day Toolkit:

Email Digital Support