SAT School Day

Starting in spring 2024, all students will take SAT School Day digitally. To find out whether your school offers SAT School Day, contact your principal or counselor.

What to Bring on SAT School Day

Your hard work and preparation have brought you this far—now it's time to take the test. Find out everything you need to bring with you to have a smooth and successful test day.

Bluebook™ App and Device Information

Most schools participating in SAT School Day will use school-managed devices for testing. In those cases, school staff will have downloaded the Bluebook testing application and made sure that the testing device is charged and ready for testing. If your school allows you to test on a personal device, you must download Bluebook onto your device before testing using the sign-in credentials provided by your school.

Bluebook Testing App

Bluebook must be installed before test day. This digital testing application supports testing on Mac and Windows devices, iPads, and school-managed Chromebooks.

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Student Readiness

During the digital readiness check at your school, you'll have a chance to familiarize yourself with Bluebook testing application, confirm your personal information is correct, and verify that devices are ready for test day.

SAT School Day with Bluebook

Homeschooled and Away Students

If you plan to take SAT School Day at a school you don't normally attend, you'll need to reach out to that school before the testing window.

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What to Expect on Test Day

Before test day, make sure you're familiar with test day rules and procedures. Find out what's staying the same and what's changing for digital SAT administrations.

Practice and Preparation

The key to successful preparation for the digital SAT is practice. Find tips on how to study for the SAT using full-length practice tests on Bluebook, downloadable linear forms, and Official Digital SAT Prep on Khan Academy®.

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