My Practice 101

Ready to Get Started?

After you take a full-length practice test in Bluebook™, you can review, download, and find helpful information to analyze your scores on My Practice. Simply log in with the same credentials you use for Bluebook.

Here's an overview of everything you can do on My Practice:

  • View your practice scores: My Practice displays your scores from every Bluebook practice test in reverse chronological order (starting with the most recent). Scroll to the right to see older tests. Each score has links to the following additional resources and information:
    • Get additional score details: The Score Details page lists every question on your practice test, including the correct answer, the answer you selected, and a Review button with a breakdown of each answer choice.
      Tip: Read through the entire answer explanation, even for the choices you didn't select. Understanding why each answer choice is correct or incorrect will help you prepare for similar questions or avoid similar mistakes in the future.
    • Review the test on Khan Academy®: For every official SAT practice test, Khan Academy has a matching review course to walk you through each question. Not only can you read through a detailed answer explanation, but you can also jump immediately to a lesson that covers the skills you need to answer similar questions in the future.
    • Try targeted practice questions: When you click on the Practice Specific Questions link, My Practice gathers a tailored set of questions from our Student Question Bank based on your performance on the practice test. These questions are specifically designed to help you build your skills at a level that's right for you.
  • Download a practice score report: Want to share your scores with your school counselor, teacher, or family member? Practice score reports provide a high-level summary of your performance on the practice test, including the number of questions you answered correctly. You can access the practice score report from the My Practice dashboard by clicking the download icon in the top-right corner of your test information.