The PSAT 10

Take the PSAT 10 to measure readiness for college, access scholarships, and practice for the SAT.

Before Test Day

Content on the PSAT 10 is very similar to the SAT, with reading, math, and writing and language sections.

Learn What's on the PSAT 10

To prepare, get practice tests and much more with Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy®.

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Scholarships and Recognition

View scholarship partners and recognition programs that can help you get funding for college and academic honors.

Test and Score Release Dates

Test Dates

Your school chooses a date to offer the PSAT 10.

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Score Release Dates

PSAT 10 scores are typically available online 4–6 weeks after the test administration.

Know When to Expect Scores

For K-12 Educators

Assessment Reporting for K–12 Educators

The K–12 score reporting portal offers educator score reports with aggregate and detailed data.

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Scheduling and Ordering the PSAT 10

Prepare to administer the PSAT 10 by choosing a test date, reviewing fees, and ordering the test.

Plan Your School's Test Administration