How to Use the Student Question Bank

The Student Question Bank has the potential to be your not-so-secret sidekick for practice. It has thousands of official practice questions created by the same people who developed the SAT Suite of Assessments.

Plus, you can filter the question bank by assessment, test (Reading and Writing or Math), domain, skill, and difficulty level, so you're maximizing your study time by focusing on the questions targeted to where you need the most practice.

Of course, these domain categories and skill names may be hard to decipher. How can you use the Question Bank effectively if you don't know what you want to study? The pages below will give you the information you need to identify the question types that accompany each skill.

Keep in Mind

Question Bank

You can use the question bank to design your own practice. Log in to My Practice with a sign-in ticket from your school or your personal College Board student account to access the Student Question Bank.

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