Setting a Target Score

You can set a target score for yourself based on a college you want to go to. Follow these steps to see the score range of admitted students at a particular college.


  1. Go to BigFuture College Search, and look up a college you'd like to apply to.

    You can search colleges by name, as well as by location, program, and many other variables. You can even filter colleges by expected test scores.
  2. Find the test score range for the college you're interested in.

    Click the Applying tab on the college's profile page. Then, look for the SAT and ACT scores tab to find its test score ranges—what most students scored who were admitted and enrolled in the freshman class.
  3. Take a practice test to establish your baseline.

    Results from your first full-length SAT practice test will give you a baseline score to build from and show you what areas to focus on. Use Official Digital SAT Prep on Khan Academy to improve your score. Be patient: it takes hard work and time to see change.