Advising Students and Parents

Here are some common questions you may hear from your students and their families when discussing the digital SAT.


Is the SAT still important?

Yes. The SAT puts your achievements into context. That means it shows off your qualifications to universities and helps you stand out.

  • Each year, students across nearly 200 countries take the SAT to apply to universities in the U.S. and more than 80 countries across the globe.
  • Even though there are wide variations in curricular standards, grading systems, and course offerings, the SAT evens out the disparities from school to school and region to region.
  • In the class of 2020, nearly 90% of international students had SAT scores that confirmed or exceeded their secondary school GPA.
  • When surveyed, 83% of students said they want the option to submit test scores to colleges.

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When does the SAT transition to digital?

Students taking the SAT at international test centers will take the digital SAT starting in March 2023. Registration will open this fall.

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How will the digital SAT be taken?

  • Students will take the test on our digital testing application, Bluebook™, on a personal or school-managed device.
  • If students need a device, they can request to borrow one for test day. More information about borrowing a device will be available when registration opens for the digital SAT this fall.
  • Check out our digital testing app demo in the Resources section below and Bluebook website.

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Will digital SAT practice tests be available?

Students will have access to full-length practice tests on the digital testing application and still have free world-class practice resources on Khan Academy®.

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Where can I learn more about the digital SAT?

You can visit and be sure to register for this upcoming webinar about the digital SAT.

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