Introducing BigFuture School

BigFuture School™ is a new mobile app for students who take certain College Board assessments during the school day. It’s designed to spark students' interest in planning for the future by providing college and career guidance the moment they get their scores.

Phone screen showing BigFuture Mobile App running

The Power to Plan—in the Palm of Students' Hands

The digital SAT Suite transition means students can get their scores faster. Now with the BigFuture School mobile app, they have a new way to access them. Once scores are available, the app provides students with:

Customized career information and personalized guidance about planning and paying for college.

Connections™—a feature exclusively for school day test takers that allows them to hear from nonprofit colleges and scholarship programs that may be a good match.

Connections Puts Privacy First

With Connections, no personal information is shared with institutions unless a student chooses to connect and share information directly with them. This gives students and their families more control over when, or whether, they raise their hands and want to be seen. The goal is to create more opportunities for all students considering their options after high school. With input from students, families, and education professionals, BigFuture School and Connections will expand and improve to help every student get on the best path to college.

On average, students who choose to connect with colleges are 25% more likely to enroll, and 31% more likely to graduate on time from a four-year college. Those gains are even greater for Black and Hispanic students.

College Board Research

How BigFuture School Works

Students Provide a Mobile Number

During the testing experience for the digital PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, and SAT School Day, students 13 and over can provide a mobile number that will only be used to text them BigFuture School mobile app access information and details about in-app score availability.

Students Access BigFuture School Mobile App

Students can view their scores along with customized guidance on potential career paths, and information about planning and paying for college through scholarships and financial aid. And, when they opt in to Connections, they can begin hearing from nonprofit colleges and scholarship/educational organizations. Note: Districts and schools may choose not to provide access to Connections.

More Ways to View Scores

Students who don’t opt in to BigFuture School or who don’t have a mobile phone can still access their scores and planning information. Students who take the SAT on the weekend will continue to receive their scores through their College Board account.

Get Score Reports

Schools will continue to receive PDF score reports for all assessments they administer, which they can share with students. The information on the reports will be similar to the information in the app.

Use a College Board Account

As always, students can log in to their personal College Board accounts at to get additional insights about their scores and explore BigFuture.


New features, content, and enhancements will be added to the BigFuture School mobile app on an ongoing basis, based on student and educator feedback.