Find a Student

We're transitioning all student score information to the online Higher Education Reporting Portal and will no longer mail paper score reports to higher education institutions starting August 2022.

Find a Student allows you to search for students who have sent you test scores. To access this feature, you must be assigned the detailed reporting role by your institution's reporting portal access manager. Note: Scores are first made available in the electronic score report data files posted in Downloads and then made available the next day in Find a Student.


  1. Search students.

    There are three ways you can search for students:

    1. Basic Search: Use basic search to find a student using their first name, last name, email address, and/or date of birth.
    2. Advanced Search: Use additional search fields to find students based on their gender, race/ethnicity, graduation year, home address, high school, and more.
    3. Date Range Search: Use this feature in Advanced Search to find students whose scores were delivered to your institution within a specified date range.
  2. View your search results.

    After you enter your search criteria and click Search, your results will appear providing the following details and capabilities:

    • The total number of students that match the search criteria you entered.
    • The search criteria you used to find students.
    • The ability to update the search you entered, or to run a new search.
    • A list of students who match the search criteria you entered (up to 10 students per page).
    • A comprehensive view of an individual student in the results list and the ability to view the SAT and SAT Subject Test scores they sent to your institution. You can download a score report or essays for that student.
    • The ability to select multiple students in the results list (up to 20 at a time) and generate a batch of score reports or essays for those students.
  3. Check for updated information.

    The student data in the reporting portal is the most recent information the student provided to College Board. If the student has provided updated information (e.g., email address, gender, address, etc.) after they sent you their scores, that updated information will be reflected in the reporting portal. Find a Student is updated on a daily basis.