We're transitioning all student score information to the online Higher Education Reporting Portal and will no longer mail paper score reports to higher education institutions starting August 2022.

In the Preferences section, you can view your institution's score reporting preferences for the student score reports available in your portal. The following preferences are available:

  • Display Race/Ethnicity Data: With this preference enabled, race/ethnicity data will be displayed for each student accessed in Find a Student, in student PDF score reports, and in electronic score report files.
  • Display Religiously Affiliated College Preferences: With this preference enabled, religiously affiliated college preferences will be displayed in student PDF score reports and in electronic score report files.
  • Receive Batch Essay Image Files: With this preference enabled, your organization will receive batch essay image files that are posted to Downloads in your reporting portal. These files will be delivered with each electronic score report data file delivered to your institution that include SAT with essay scores.

Everyone with portal access will be able to see the preference settings; however, only the Access Manager of your reporting portal can update these settings.

Note: It may take up to 24 hours for updated reporting preferences to be reflected in online reports or future electronic score report data files delivered to your institution.