Manage User Access

We're transitioning all student score information to the online Higher Education Reporting Portal and will no longer mail paper score reports to higher education institutions starting August 2022.

The Access Manager, a designated institutional administrator, can give their colleagues (and themselves) access to College Board’s Higher Education Reporting Portal.

Watch our webinar for help using the Manage Access application.

Initial Access

The first time the designated Access Manager uses the Manage Access application, they need an access code. Access codes are not required for later sign-ins. If you haven't received your access code, email Higher Ed Reporting Support or call 855-475-3636.

  1. Sign into your College Board account or create a new one by going to the professional dashboard.
  2. Under "Add Additional Tools and Services" in the General section, click Get Access next to Managing Access to support Higher Ed Assessment Reporting.
Screenshot indicating where users will find HE reporting link.
  1. On the next page, enter your institution and access code. Your access code is only valid for the institution specified when you received the access code.
  2. After entering the access code, the Manage Access application will be in the My Tools and Services list.


You can use the Manage Access tool to take the following actions:

  • View current users assigned to roles, revoke access for current users, and renew access by extending a user's access expiration date.
  • Assign roles to existing users who already have College Board professional accounts and have indicated your institution as their employer.
  • Invite users without College Board accounts, or users who did not indicate your institution as their employer (i.e., a vendor), to access your reports or data files. An email will be sent on your behalf to new users.
    • Tip: The quickest and easiest way to assign reporting access to individuals at your institution is to have them create a College Board professional account first (indicating your institution as their employer). This allows the Access Manager at your organization to use the Assign Roles feature in the Manage Access tool to grant them access, requiring no additional steps by the individual requesting access.
  • Review outstanding invitations and resend or cancel them as needed.

Get detailed help for the Manage Access tool by clicking Help in the upper-right corner of the page.

Assigning Roles

Access Managers can assign multiple roles to any user; in fact, complete access to the reporting portal requires both the data files management role and the reporting detail role. Available roles:

  • DAT for Assessment Reporting: Allows the Access Manager to grant colleagues access to the reporting portal using the Manage Access Tool and assign additional users to the Manage Access role. The Manage Access role (DAT for Assmt Reporting HE) allows for coverage if the primary Access Manager is unavailable or is leaving the organization. Access managers will also have access to the Preferences tab whey they can update the reporting preferences in their reporting portal.
  • Assessment Reporting Data Files Management: Provides access to score data and essay batch files in the Downloads tab. This role is usually given to individuals in charge of uploading results into local data systems. Users with this role may be IT vendors hired by institutions, institution technology staff, or other institution staff. Assigned users will receive email notifications when new files are posted. This role doesn't include access to the other tabs of the reporting portal.
  • Assessment Reporting Summary: Provides access to the SAT Trend Report tab. Additionally, provides access to the Exec. Summary tab provided the institution has purchased the EPS product and assigned access to that product as well. This role is limited to summary data only, with no access to individual student information. Summary reporting should be given to staff who don’t need student-level information but may need aggregate reporting. This role doesn’t include access to the Find a Student or Downloads tabs.
  • Assessment Reporting Detail: Provides access to the Find a Student and Trend Report tabs. Additionally, provides access to the Exec. Summary tab provided the institution has purchased the EPS product and assigned access to that product as well. This also includes the ability to drill down to individual student score data and other personally identifying information. Detail reporting should be given to staff who benefit from seeing student-level results, such as admissions staff. This role doesn't include access to the Downloads tab.

You can set up and maintain unlimited users but be sure to manage accounts as people join and leave your organization.

Each role is independent. For example, you may assign data files access separately, or in conjunction with summary or detail reporting. If an individual is assigned both detail and summary reporting, detail reporting will preside.