How are school invoices calculated?

General Invoicing Details

Invoices are calculated based on the number of tests used by students at your school. You may have additional students registered in your SSOR roster who you aren’t invoiced for if they never began testing.

College Board introduced discounts for schools that serve low-income students and those that administer assessments in both fall and spring for the same school year. Learn more about College Board’s new discounts, including several pricing scenarios.

If you administered and are responsible for paying for multiple tests, you will receive a separate invoice for each assessment administered.

Invoices For Schools and Districts Placing Orders

If your district placed an order for your school for all the assessments, grades, and student volumes you tested, and your school did not place a separate order, then your district will receive the total invoice.

If your school and district both place orders for the same grade and assessment combination and you test more than what your district allocated to you, your school may receive an invoice for all or part of the overage. You will not be sent an invoice if there is no payment required by your school.