How do I add or delete a student on the registration roster?

Adding Students

Access the registration roster and click the Additional Actions button. To add a student, click Add Student and fill out the test taker information form. You'll provide the same information in this online form as would be provided when student data is uploaded by your school’s SAT Suite Data Coordinator. You may receive an error message if the data entered is invalid or a duplicate student is found.

Deleting Students

Access the registration roster and click on a student's name. To remove the student, click Delete at the top right of the student's profile and confirm that you really want to remove the student from the registration roster. Note that removing a student from the registration roster does not delete the student from other rosters for other events. If you delete a student from the roster in error, you’ll need to manually add the student back.

Use caution when deleting students who have already been registered. When you delete a student you have already registered, the following will occur:

  • The student will be deleted from Test Day Toolkit.
  • Data provided by the student in Bluebook™ will be deleted.
  • The sign-in ticket you may have distributed to the student will no longer be valid.
  • The sign-in ticket credentials you provided to the student will no longer work in the Bluebook testing application or in SAT Practice.
  • If the student already completed testing, they may not be able to receive their scores.