How do I order tests?

To order SAT Suite assessments, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Order New Tests button.
  2. Enter the total number of tests your schools need for each assessment that you wish to pay for. Note: This should be the largest number of tests all the schools together might need.
  3. Confirm the tests you are ordering.
  4. Allocate the total test volume to schools within your district. This will determine the maximum number of test takers who may be registered at the school for the test and grades you're ordering.
  5. Choose a start date for your testing window or allow schools to choose a start date for each assessment in your order.
    • If your schools have not selected an intended start date by the time the testing window opens, then College Board will send readiness information aligned to the first date of the window (e.g., if the window opens October 2, schools will receive readiness information aligned to that date).
    • Schools have discretion to change their planned test date(s) without informing College Board or completing any additional steps, although the original intended test date may be referenced in email communications.
  6. Choose grades for each assessment in your order.
  7. Confirm who will be uploading test taker data for registrations for each assessment in your order.
  8. Confirm or edit contact information for your district.
  9. Optional: Request a contract and enter a purchase order number for your order if needed.
  10. Review your order, view and accept the ordering terms and conditions, and submit your order.

Note: If you indicate that schools may choose their own start date, they will be prompted on their dashboards to select a date before the order is completed. Schools will also be required to confirm testing contacts at their schools. After you have placed an order for your schools, reach out and encourage them to log in to the SAT Suite Ordering and Registration site to complete this order by providing any missing school-level information.

Important: You can order fall 2023 paper SAT School Day tests, but this information will be used for billing purposes only. Your schools will see the number of tests you agreed to pay for, but they must place an order in their SAT Suite Ordering and Registration site to receive paper test materials.

Learn more about the tests in the SAT Suite of Assessments. You can also review the other topics in this section to help further guide you through the ordering process.

If you need help ordering tests or are ordering tests for the first time, view a brief demonstration of the test ordering site to help you become familiar with the available ordering features.