How do I make sure students who need testing accommodations will have them on test day?

When students are added to your registration roster, whether through a data file upload or added manually, SSOR will use the data provided to try to find approved accommodations that may exist for that student in SSD Online.

  • View the Accommodations column in the roster to determine whether or not a student has accommodations associated with their SSOR information.
  • Click on the student’s name in SSOR to view the accommodations that may be associated with them.
  • If a student in your roster has accommodations, but you don't see them on their record, you can provide their SSD ID from SSD Online to add the accommodations to the student's SSOR record.

You should confirm that all students who need testing accommodations have them on their SSOR record before registering them. If you’re unable to resolve missing or incorrect testing accommodations for a student, contact Services for Students with Disabilities at [email protected], 844-255-7728 (within the United States), or +1-212-713-8333 (outside the United States).