What data is in the student report?

When you drill down into your students' data within the K–12 Portal, you'll see a report that mirrors their online score reports. Seeing exactly what your students see makes it easier for you to walk students through their score reports and help them take action on their test results.

In addition to their scores, the online student score reports include:

  • Score comparisons to compare a student’s total and section scores to the average score at their school, district, state, and all testers (as applicable, digital only)
  • Percentiles
    • Nationally representative sample percentile (paper and digital assessments)
    • All Tester percentile (paper and digital assessments)
    • State percentile (for U.S.-based test takers, digital only)
    • Country percental (digital only)
  • The student's performance against the Reading and Writing and Math college readiness benchmarks
  • Knowledge and skill performance in 4 reading and writing content domains and 4 math content domains (digital only)
  • Score projections for the exams typically taken by students in the next grade (provided if the latest test taken is a PSAT-related assessment)
  • Career insights and links to BigFuture®
  • Recommendations for AP courses to explore (AP Potential™)
  • Scores for prior assessments
  • Demographic information
  • College score-send information (SAT only)
  • The student's essay (SAT with Essay only)
  • Highlighted next steps