What is the file naming convention for score data files posted in Raw Data Files For Your Systems in Downloads?

We use a standardized naming convention to distinguish between data files, including those posted on the same day. File names follow these patterns:

  • Fixed width (TXT): [AI CODE]_[ASMT_TYPE]_ [YYYYMMDD]_[HHMMSS].txt
  • Comma-delimited (CSV): [AI CODE]_[ASMT_TYPE]_ [YYYYMMDD]_[HHMMSS].csv

Naming Convention

File Name Element Description
AI Code The AI code for a school file or the organization ID for a district or state file.
ASMT TYPE The assessment name:
  • SAT, for SAT and SAT Subject Tests
  • PSAT10 for PSAT 10
  • PSAT89, for PSAT 8/9
YYYYMMDD The date the file was generated.
HHMMSS The time the file was generated.