What is the Growth Report?

We are working to update the Growth Report to measure student growth across the SAT Suite of Assessments, including students that may have taken a paper and pencil assessment, then later a new digital assessment in the SAT Suite of Assessments. More information will be provided later.

Growth reports track the growth of the same group of students from test to test and project their performance on a future test. These reports are available as a scheduled PDF report and include:

  • Long-term growth tables: Track the progress of a matched cohort of students from year to year as they take different tests across the entire SAT Suite of Assessments.
  • Paired-test growth tables: Provides growth of a matched cohort of students between two tests in the SAT Suite of Assessments.

Growth is reported at the test section level (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math sections). We analyzed score data to figure out how much school-level mean scores typically change between tests administered in consecutive grades.

The projected growth you see in the growth report is based on the growth of schools who took the same tests your students took and had mean scores on the first test that were similar to your students' mean score.

Note: College Board growth reports only report on cohorts of the same students who took the same tests, and may differ from your school, district, or state testing cohorts.