What is the Knowledge and Skills Report?

The Knowledge and Skills Report is available for the new digital assessments in the SAT Suite of Assessments. It’s not available for paper and pencil administrations.

This report allows you to view aggregate student performance on the Reading and Writing and Math sections of the digital SAT. Each test section is composed of questions in 4 content domains. Each student who completed this test administration has had their performance placed into one of the seven performance score bands for each of the 8 content domains

To better understand the knowledge and skills related to each content domain and performance score band in this report, click the Skills Insight and Example Questions link. This will take you to our Skills Insight™ tool, where you can view Skills Insight statements that show what test takers scoring in particular Reading and Writing and Math section score ranges typically know and can do. You can also examine example questions that illustrate the types and difficulty levels of questions that these test takers can generally answer correctly.