What is the Question Analysis Report?

This report is available for paper and pencil assessments only and is not available for the new digital SAT Suite of Assessments. This report allows you to view aggregate and individual student performance on each question in a paper and pencil SAT or PSAT-related assessment. Use it to:

  • View percentages of students who answered each question correctly, incorrectly, or omitted responses and compare percentages among the district, state, or total group (all testers).
  • Target question performance related to specific cross-test scores and subscores, and to varying difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard).
  • Drill down to view individual student performance on each question.
  • View and print each question, including the correct answer and answer explanation (for disclosed forms only).


  • You can view this report for each paper and pencil test form administered to your students.
  • A district or state can view individual student performance only when they run this report for a school.
  • Reports for a nondisclosed form will not provide question content or statistics on student answer choices. It will only report whether answers were correct or incorrect.