Which user roles are right for my colleagues?

Assign one or more of the following roles to your colleagues so they can access the reporting portal.

Access Management/DAT: People with this role are access managers. They use the Managing Access tool to assign reporting roles to colleagues—and themselves—so they can get scores in the online reporting portal. Access managers can also assign others to the Access Management/DAT role, allowing for coverage if the primary access manager is unavailable or leaves the institution.
For access to the reporting portal, assign other roles as well.

File Downloads: People with this role can download data files from the Downloads page. They're usually in charge of uploading results into your institution's student information system. They may be IT vendors, institution technology staff, or others. This role does not grant access to the Reports page.

Summary Reports: Provides access to aggregate score reporting in the online reporting portal, limited to summary data only, with no access to individual student information. This role should be given to colleagues who don’t need student-level information. This role does not grant access to the Downloads page.

Detailed Reports: Provides complete access to the online reports in the portal, including aggregate data and data for individual students as well as personally identifiable information. This role should be given only to teachers, counselors, and other staff authorized to see student-level results. This role does not grant access to the Downloads page.


  • Each role is independent, and some colleagues need more than one role. For complete access to the reporting portal, you’ll need to assign users to the File Downloads role and the Detailed Reports role.
  • For access to the reporting portal, you need to assign yourself a role other than Access Management/DAT.
  • You can set up and maintain unlimited users but be sure to manage accounts as people join and leave your organization. We recommend setting an appropriate expiration date such as the end of a school year.
  • If a user is assigned both the Detailed Reports and Summary Reports roles, Detailed Reports will be the default.
  • In the Managing Access tool, "(K–12)" follows all role names.