Which user roles are right for my district colleagues?

Assign one or more of the following roles to your district colleagues so they can access the ordering and registration system.

Important: These roles must be assigned to complete required actions ahead of test day. If one person will be managing multiple roles, assign them each role they need. If you don’t assign these roles, your institution may miss critical readiness-related communications.

SAT Suite Ord/Reg Access Manager role: People with this role are access managers. They use the Managing Access tool to assign ordering and registration roles to colleagues—and themselves—so they can order tests and/or register test takers using SAT Suite Ordering and Registration. Access managers can also assign others this role, allowing for coverage if the primary access manager is unavailable or leaves the institution.

For access to SAT Suite Ordering and Registration, assign other roles as well.

SAT Suite Ordering role: People with this role can place and manage test orders for the SAT Suite of Assessments using SAT Suite Ordering and Registration. This role should be assigned to someone authorized to buy a good or service on behalf of their district.

SAT Suite Data Coordinator role: People with this role can upload test taker data for test registration. You may want to assign this role to staff responsible for pulling test taker data from your institution’s student information systems, and bulk uploading that data into SAT Suite Ordering and Registration for test registration.

SAT Suite Registration role: People with this role can view the test taker data uploaded by data coordinators in an online registration roster. Schools will be responsible for validating and updating their own test taker data in the roster and submitting data to register test takers. You should assign this role to individuals responsible for monitoring registrations at your schools.


  • Each role is independent, and some colleagues need more than one role.
  • If you also need access to SAT Suite Ordering and Registration, you need to assign yourself the SAT Suite Ordering, Data Coordinator, and/or Registration role.
  • You can set up and maintain unlimited users but be sure to manage accounts as people join and leave your institution. We recommend setting an appropriate expiration date such as the end of a school year.

People with the roles above provide access to SAT Suite Ordering and Registration. Other contacts for communications and test day-related activities will be collected through the ordering process by individuals assigned with the SAT Suite Ordering role:

  • Billing Contact: This contact receives billing-related communications, including invoices after testing.
  • Principal: This contact receives important email communications related to testing.
  • Test Coordinators (one for each test ordered: SAT School Day, PSAT/NMSQT & PSAT 10, and PSAT 8/9): This contact is the primary test coordinator for each test and receives important email communications, training, and test day resources. This role must be performed by someone who will be on site at the school on test day. They are responsible for the overall test administration.