Why can't I upload files or view the registration roster?

Missing Access

The access manager at your organization can assign various roles for the SSOR tool. The roles you're granted depend on the actions you need to take within SSOR. Work with the SSOR access manager at your school if you believe you are missing the role you need to complete your tasks.

  • SAT Suite Data Coordinator: This role allows users to upload test taker information and progress through file validations in order to create the registration roster.
  • SAT Suite Registration: This role allows school users to access the registration roster, add students to the roster, remove students from the roster, view SSD information, and confirm students for registration.
  • For more information about accessing SSOR, check out the "Accessing" section of this Help Center.

Your District Will Upload Data

If your district placed an order for your school, they may have indicated on the order that they will upload student data for you as well. If this is the case, your school's SAT Suite Data Coordinator cannot upload a data file for the test ordered by your district. You will see a notice in Step 1 letting you know that your district will upload and submit data for your school.

There Are Two Orders for the Same Assessment

If you and your district both placed orders for the same test but for different grades, then the SAT Suite Data Coordinators from both your school and district need to upload and submit data files for the test in Step 1 before the roster will be available to schools in Step 2.

  • For example, if your district placed an order for the Fall PSAT 8/9 for 8th grade for your school and you placed an order for the Fall PSAT 8/9 for 9th grade, then your district needs to upload and submit the 8th grade data and your school will need to upload and submit the 9th grade data. After both files have been submitted and processed, the user at your school with SAT Suite Registration role access will be able to view the roster for both 8th and 9th grades.