Why is the online student score report for a digital assessment different than the report for a paper and pencil assessment?

We have updated the online student reporting experience for the digital SAT! This new experience was designed to help students better understand how they did on the digital SAT as well as providing them with actionable next steps to continue learning and planning for life after high school. These changes include:

  • A simpler report that better highlights key takeaways, all on one screen (not multiple tabs).
  • New, easier to distill visualizations.
  • New data points to help students understand how they did.
    • Comparing their score to the average score at their school, district, state, country, and for all testers
    • Percentile comparisons in their state, country, and to all testers
    • Insight into their knowledge and skills in 4 reading and writing and 4 math content areas
  • Redesigned paths to access scores and score-related data students are accustomed to viewing.
    • Total and section scores, including score ranges
    • College and career readiness benchmarks
    • Score sends
    • AP Potential
  • In context links to other tools and resources helpful to students:
    • BigFuture
    • MyPractice
    • SAT Score Sends
    • SAT Registration

Additionally, question item details are no longer provided in student reports for digital PSAT-related assessments.