Test Center Benefits and Requirements

Partner with College Board to make your institution an SAT test center. Test centers connect motivated students to the SAT and associated college planning resources.

Test Center Benefits

If your institution becomes an SAT test center, your students will benefit from familiar surroundings and easy access. Providing a more convenient testing site fosters a college-going culture.

Becoming a test center offers several benefits for your school and staff:

  • Compensation for the test center coordinator, room coordinators, and monitors
  • Reimbursement for some of your school's test-related expenses
  • Inclusion of more staff in the college planning process

Test Center Requirements

SAT test centers vary in size, setting, and test dates, but they all share these characteristics:

  • Affiliation with an educational institution
  • Facilities adequate for testing groups of test takers
  • Secure area with limited access for protected storage of test materials
  • Location that serves test takers in a particular region