Sample Question Bank Activities

Explore the SAT Suite Question Bank.

You can use questions from the SAT Suite Question Bank (SSQB) in a variety of classroom activities.

In all content areas, you can use an SSQB question as a Question of the Day. This activity helps establish a routine, focus student thinking, and provide time to interact with students.

You can also use questions as formative assessments that are short, simple, and achievable. For example, consider these sample activities:

  • Post an SSQB question and possible answers. Students can "sign in" by simply answering the question.
  • Establish virtual cooperative learning. Create groups, with 5−7 students in each group. Designate a leader for each group, then post an SSQB question. Each student must submit their responses to their group leader. The group leader reviews responses, gets consensus from their group, and submits 1 answer for the question. For noncalculator Math questions, encourage students to show their work.

Reading Test and Writing and Language Test Activity

The aim of both the Reading Test and Writing and Language Test is to determine whether students can:

  • Analyze a source and use evidence
  • Include the use of data and informational graphics
  • Focus on words in context and word choice for rhetorical effects

Sample Activity

Using the SSQB, post two separate reading passages targeted for different grades. As a stretch activity, ask students to identify key differences between each passage, emphasizing theme, vocabulary, and syntax. Create a discussion board for students to post their thoughts. By exploring ideas in multiple reading passages, students can practice analyzing and synthesizing texts.

Teach students to use the OPTIC method to interpret informational graphics from the SSQB:

O – Write Overview notes about the graphic.

P – Zoom in on Parts of the graphic and describe important details.

T – Highlight the words in the Title.

I – Identify Interrelationships among elements of the graphic.

C – Draw Conclusions about the graphic.

Math Test Activity

The Math Test emphasizes students’ ability to solve problems and analyze them using data. Questions are generated from various contexts, including science, social studies, and career-related content areas.

Sample Activities

  • Using the SSQB, provide students with explanations and equations that incorrectly describe a graph. Ask students to identify the errors and provide corrections, citing the reasoning behind the change.
  • Use "Guess and Check" to explore different ways to solve a problem when other strategies for solving are not obvious. Students guess the solution to a problem and check whether it's accurate. Then they can work backward to identify steps to arrive at the correct solution.