Test Day Toolkit

You'll use Test Day Toolkit to administer the SAT Suite of Assessments more efficiently. Test Day Toolkit works together with Bluebook™, our digital testing application for students, to make digital testing possible.

What People Are Saying

Thousands of testing staff have benefited from using Test Day Toolkit. Here's what they're saying:

With Test Day Toolkit, student check-in can be done fairly easily. Proctors are able to start the exam with minimal instructions, allowing students to spend most of their time taking the test.

Coordinator, Miami Springs, FL

Administering the digital SAT was extremely easy. With Test Day Toolkit, the steps for assigning staff, rooms, and rosters were seamless. I didn't have to run to UPS as soon as the test administration was over to send the materials back.

Coordinator, Hahira, GA

As an SAT Coordinator, I cannot imagine NOT having Test Day Toolkit in order to help me prepare and organize the SAT administration.

Coordinator, Boston, MA

Test Day Toolkit made preparation easy with rosters, rooms, staff, and auto set-up. The script was easy to read and follow. The test was easy to monitor and submit.

Coordinator, Pápa, Hungary

Test Day Toolkit is amazing! Everything is extremely simple and clear.

Proctor, Istanbul, Turkey

The whole process from checking-in students till the exam completion through the Test Day Toolkit is smoother, easier, more accurate and less pressure than handling the paper SAT administrations.

Test Coordinator, Amman, Jordan

How You'll Use Test Day Toolkit


  • Enter room capacity and assign staff and students to rooms automatically (or manually)
  • Manage your testing staff list
  • Export your student roster with assigned rooms, approved accommodations, and testing status
  • For SAT School Day and PSAT-related assessments, print student sign-in tickets


  • View room setup instructions
  • Read the script and start code to students so they can begin testing
  • Check the status of each student on test day so you can identify those who may need support with exam setup, check-in, or testing
  • Submit irregularities

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