Test Day Toolkit

Use Test Day Toolkit to administer the SAT more efficiently. Learn more about its timesaving features and how it can simplify your test administrations.

What People Are Saying

Thousands of test center coordinators and staff have benefited from using Test Day Toolkit. Here’s what they're saying:

As an SAT Coordinator, I cannot imagine NOT having Test Day Toolkit in order to help me prepare and organize the SATs.

Coordinator, Boston, MA

The Proctors love the ease of checking in the students and being able to do the seating chart online. I really like the ease of just pushing a button and the students are placed in rooms and at the end it prints out a master copy of those absent and those who were here.

Coordinator, Fontana, CA

I love that it is electronic and I can work on the seating chart while students are testing. It is clean, precise, and fun to use.

Proctor, Dallas, TX

Easy to use application and effective training provided, which ensures College Board methods and procedures remain current and relevant, ultimately benefiting both students and staff. A definite win-win!

Proctor, United Kingdom

The toolkit is more streamlined. It was nice to be able to see the status of the different rooms and it removed the margin of error in checking in students as we could see immediately which students had not arrived. It's easier and faster to use in filling out the seating chart, submitting IR's and filling out the voucher. The auto room assignment feature saved me a lot of prep time.

Coordinator, Philippines


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