The Math Test: Overview

The Math Test focuses on the areas of math that play the biggest role in a wide range of college majors and careers:

  • Heart of Algebra, which focuses on the mastery of linear equations and systems.
  • Problem Solving and Data Analysis, which is about analyzing problems and drawing information from data.
  • Passport to Advanced Math, which features questions that ask you to manipulate complex equations.
  • The Math Test also includes 2 questions from Additional Topics in Math, including the geometry and trigonometry most relevant to college and career readiness.

The Math Test is divided into two parts: a no-calculator portion and a calculator portion. In both portions, most of the test is multiple choice, but some of the questions at the end ask you to write the answer (these are called “grid-ins”).

Breakdown of the Test

No-Calculator Portion
Time allotted 25 minutes
Total questions 17
Multiple-choice questions 10
Grid-in questions 4
Calculator Portion
Time allotted 45 minutes
Total questions 31
Multiple-choice questions 27
Grid-in questions 4

Types of Math Tested

Type of Math Number of Questions
Heart of Algebra 16
Problem Solving and Data Analysis 16
Passport to Advanced Math 14
Additional Topics in Math 2