Although most of the questions on the Math Test are multiple choice, about 20% are student-produced response questions, also known as grid-ins. Instead of choosing a correct answer from a list of options, you’ll solve problems and enter your answers in the grids on the answer sheet.

Gridding-In Answers

  • Mark no more than 1 bubble in any column.
  • Only answers indicated by filling in the bubble will be scored (you won’t receive credit for anything written in the boxes above the bubbles).
  • It doesn't matter which column you begin entering your answer in; as long as the responses are in the grid area, you’ll get credit.
  • The grid can hold only 4 decimal places and only positive numbers and zero.
  • Unless a problem indicates otherwise, answers can be entered on the grid as a decimal or a fraction.
  • Fractions like 3 over 24 don’t need to be reduced to their lowest terms.
  • All mixed numbers need to be converted to improper fractions before being recorded in the grid.
  • If the answer is a repeating decimal, grid the most accurate value the grid will accommodate.

Here’s an example of instructions you’ll see on the test:

Examples of how to fill in grids.