Tips for Helping Students with Next Steps

Your students will look to you to help them with next steps after viewing their score. Use these tips to help guide them:

  • Colleges, majors, and careers: Inform your students of free tools to discover which colleges and programs are right for them. They can access these tools at BigFuture®. If they provided their mobile number during testing to receive a link to download the BigFuture School app, they can also use these tools on that app:
    • BigFuture College Search: Students can find out how first-year students at their top pick college scored on the SAT to learn whether their score will help them with admission.
    • BigFuture Career Search: Students can search career profiles for education and skill requirements as well as other aspects.
  • Scholarship opportunities: Students can search over 23,000 scholarships, and have a chance to match with over $4 billion in funds based on their background, interests, future plans, and past achievements.