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Is Your School Offering SAT School Day?

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College Board SAT School Day Program

SAT School Day gives students the opportunity to take the SAT on a weekday—instead of a weekend—in the comfort of their own school.

SAT School Day Student Testimonial - Diyonia

In-school testing means easier logistics because students no longer have to worry about getting to or locating the testing site, plus it won't disrupt weekend plans or family time.

SAT School Day Student Testimonial - Ziik

Students report having less stress when they test in a place they know, and they're better rested and prepared when they can test on a regular school day.

Plan for Life After High School

BigFuture School® is a free mobile app that delivers SAT School Day scores right to your mobile phone. You'll also get customized career information and guidance about planning and paying for college. Based on your school or district, you may also use the Connections™ feature which lets you hear from nonprofit colleges, scholarships, and educational organizations that are interested in you.

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