Assistive Technology (ATC)

Get more details on how to use assistive technology on the digital SAT.

Students approved for an assistive technology compatible (ATC) test format may test using an accessible format of the digital exam.

Any approved assistive technology that you use when you’re online should still work during your exam. However, some assistive technology may require special configuration. It is also important to practice using your assistive technology with the digital exam prior to taking the test.

If you use assistive technologies (AT), such as screen readers (JAWS, NVDA, VoiceOver, ChromeVox, ZoomText Fusion, etc.), to interact with a standard web browser, the same commands can be used to navigate through content in the digital exam. The exception to this would be if you use a web-based assistive technology or a browser extension.

If you use assistive technology, open or start the AT device or software before you open the digital testing application for practice.