Studying and Practicing for the Digital SAT

Download Bluebook to start practicing for the digital SAT.

The keys to successful preparation include utilizing our free, world-class practice opportunities that familiarize you with the digital test platform, prepare you to answer test questions successfully, and help you develop durable skills and knowledge needed for college and career readiness.

The easiest way to start studying for the digital SAT today is by downloading Bluebook™ and taking a full-length SAT test in the same application that you'll use on test day. Full-length digital SAT practice in Bluebook familiarizes you with the test application interface and supporting tools and features like formula sheets, digital accommodations, and calculators.

From the My Practice dashboard on the College Board website, you'll immediately see your adaptively scored practice test results and a practice test review of the test items, the correct answers, and a thorough explanation of the answer.

Using Khan Academy

Armed with a baseline understanding of their performance on the digital SAT, students can use their score results and individual item responses to delve further into digital SAT preparation content on Khan Academy®.

In partnership with College Board, Khan Academy has built a digital SAT course that includes videos, articles, and worked examples designed to help our students understand and experience what's new and improved about the digital SAT.