Registration Photo Tips for Educators

Some students might need help with registration, particularly with photos. Here are some ways you can support them:

  • Find out if you can get digital copies of student ID photos.
  • Ask the yearbook staff or photography students to help take photos.
  • Snap a picture with your phone and share it with the student.
  • Team with class advisers or community groups to arrange a photo-taking event.

Tips for Meeting Photo Requirements

  • Take pictures against a blank wall. Get close enough (or zoom in) to capture just the student’s head and shoulders.
  • Keep the lighting balanced to avoid glare or shadows.
  • Suggest that students wearing eyeglasses tilt the frames down slightly so their eyes aren’t obscured by glare.
  • Deliver the photo by email or thumb drive.



SAT Photo Requirements

Review the latest photo requirements for the online SAT registration process before uploading a photo.