Student Search Service

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College Board's Student Search Service® connects you with colleges and scholarship programs that are looking for students like you. By joining, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from over 1,900 4-year colleges, along with partners who offer $300 million in scholarships each year.

Why Participate?

  • Discover colleges you may not have known about so you understand all your options.
  • Learn what colleges offer. Find out about their application processes, financial aid packages, and campus life.
  • Hear about scholarship opportunities from College Board’s scholarship partners.

How It Works

You can join by opting in online, during SAT registration, or on the answer sheet of a College Board assessment. By opting in, you give College Board permission to share your name and limited information with participating colleges and scholarship programs looking for students like you.

From there, eligible organizations use the information you provide to search for students who might be a good fit for their communities and programs. They then reach out to these students by email or postal mail to share relevant information. These organizations most commonly search for students based on expected high school graduation date, cumulative GPA, and intended college major.

The following student information isn’t shared through Student Search Service: disability, self-reported parental income, Social Security number, phone number, and actual test scores.

Participation is completely voluntary, and you can stop participating at any time.