Getting Help with Scores

If you're having trouble accessing your scores, follow these steps.

View your scores online.


  • Check to see if you need to update your account information.

    Sign into the student score reports portal. Follow the instructions to verify your account information.

  • Check to see if you need to verify your account.

    Sign into the student score reports portal. Learn how to use your registration number from the SAT to verify your account.

  • Consider whether you have another College Board account.

    You, your parent, or your counselor could have created an account for you. If you have another account, sign out now. Sign into the other account.

  • If you need archived scores, call or mail us to get them.

    Please note that you'll need a credit card to pay the processing fee for old scores.


    Sending Archived SAT Scores

    Learn how to request older scores that can be sent to you or the colleges and scholarship programs of your choice.

  • Check your account for a message about delayed scores.

    Although most scores are available on the first score release day, a small percentage might not be.

    Scores might be released later for several reasons, including these:

    • College Board received your answer sheet late.
    • Information is missing on your answer sheet.
    • Information on your answer sheet is inconsistent with your registration information.
    • You took a makeup test later than the actual test day.