Getting Your Scores

View your scores online.

Once your scores are ready, you'll be able to access them in a detailed online score report from within your College Board account.


  1. Go to the Student Score Report homepage.

    You'll need to sign in to your College Board account to view this page. Once you're signed in, your most recent score should be shown at the top of the page. You'll also see a Show Additional Scores option to see all your previous SAT and PSAT-related assessment scores.
  2. View your score summary and click the See Score Details option to view additional score insights.

    Additional score insights include information about your performance against college and career readiness benchmarks, score comparisons and percentile ranks among testing populations at your school, district, state, country, and/or all testers worldwide, and your knowledge and skills in four content domains in reading and writing and four content domains in math.