Find out how to work with technology staff at your school or facility to get ready for test day and learn about the applications that make the digital SAT possible.

Digital Testing System

Bluebook™ and Test Day Toolkit work together to make digital testing possible. Bluebook is the testing app students use to take tests and must be installed on student devices before test day.

Students use Bluebook to take the digital SAT on Mac and Windows devices, iPads, and school-managed Chromebooks. They sign in to Bluebook with a College Board account.

Coordinators and staff use Test Day Toolkit to administer the exam. They can use any device that connects to the internet, their own or one provided by the test center. They access Test Day Toolkit with a College Board professional account.

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An internet connection is required at the start and end of the test, but students can keep testing if their connection drops momentarily.

Your test center must provide Wi-Fi to students and staff on test day and allow students to test on their own device. Make sure Wi-Fi is available to everyone, including students not affiliated with your school.

To avoid delays on test day, check your room selections and network configuration with technology staff. Assigning too many students to a room can delay testing and prevent answer submission.


Bluebook can be installed on these devices:

  • Personal and school-managed Windows and Mac laptops and desktops
  • School-managed Chromebooks
  • Personal and school-managed iPads and Windows tablets

Students are told to bring a fully charged device to the test center. Students should download Bluebook and complete exam setup on that device before test day.

If students use a school-managed device, the school they attend is responsible for installing Bluebook.

Students who need a device can request to borrow a device from College Board when they register. If any students at your center will be using a College Board loaned device, we'll email you 2–3 weeks before testing. Devices will arrive Monday–Wednesday the week before test day.

Technical Readiness To-Do List

Test coordinators need to complete these tasks:

  • Reach out to school or facility technology staff for help.
  • Recruit 1 on-site technology monitor who can use our troubleshooting tips to help students with technical issues on test day.
  • Reserve a help room where technology monitors can troubleshoot issues without disturbing other students. A help room is just an extra room, near the testing rooms, with good access to electrical outlets.
  • Make sure your center's technology monitor completes training and reads the Technical Troubleshooting Guide before test day.

Ask technology staff at your school or facility to complete these tasks:

  • Help you choose testing rooms with enough network speed and strength to support the expected number of students.
  • Provide your technology monitor with information about your test center's network and tips they can use on test day.
  • If students who attend your school want to test on a school-managed device, ask school technology staff to help them install the Bluebook testing application.

Go to the Bluebook Readiness Checklist and connect technology staff to the detailed specifications and guidance they need.