Passport to Advanced Math

Passport to Advanced Math focuses on the math you’ll need to pursue further study in a discipline such as science or economics and for career opportunities in the STEM fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. The Passport to Advanced Math area requires familiarity with more complex equations or functions, which will prepare you for calculus and advanced courses in statistics. 

Passport to Advanced Math includes the following types of questions: 

  • Create a quadratic or exponential function or equation that models a context. 

  • Determine the most suitable form of an expression or equation to reveal a particular trait, given a context. 

  • Create equivalent expressions involving rational exponents and radicals, which includes simplifying or rewriting in other forms. 

  • Create an equivalent form of an algebraic expression by using structure and fluency with operations. 

  • Solve a quadratic equation having rational coefficients. The equation can be presented in a wide range of forms to reward attending to algebraic structure and can require manipulation to solve. 

  • Add, subtract, and multiply polynomial expressions. Simplify the result. The expressions will have rational coefficients. 

  • Solve an equation in 1 variable that contains radicals or contains the variable in the denominator of a fraction.  

  • Solve a system of 1 linear equation and 1 quadratic equation.  

  • Rewrite simple rational expressions.  

  • Interpret parts of nonlinear expressions in terms of their context.  

  • Understand the relationship between zeros and factors of polynomials. Use that knowledge to sketch graphs.  

  • Understand a nonlinear relationship between 2 variables by making connections between their algebraic and graphical representations.  

  • Use function notation, and interpret statements using function notation.  

  • Use structure to isolate or identify a quantity of interest in an expression or isolate a quantity of interest in an equation.  

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