Using the Skills Insight Tool

Skills Insight™ helps test takers make productive use of their digital SAT® Suite scores. In this tool, you can view Skills Insight statements that show what test takers in particular Reading and Writing and Math section score ranges typically know and can do. These statements are generalizations based on an analysis of the performance of thousands of test takers across hundreds of digital SAT Suite questions; as such, they do not necessarily describe the performance of individual students. Example test questions illustrating the kinds and difficulty levels of questions that test takers can generally answer correctly accompany each set of statements.

The statements are organized by test section (Reading and Writing or Math) and then by content domain (e.g., Information and Ideas in Reading and Writing; Algebra in Math) across seven section score ranges, or performance score bands. Skills Insight statements are cumulative, meaning that test takers scoring in a particular band for a given test section are likely to know and be able to do everything described for their score band as well as for any and all lower score bands.

Viewing Skills Insight Statements

To view Skills Insight statements, make selections in the drop-down menus above.

  • Choose a content domain in the left drop-down (e.g., Algebra).
  • Choose a performance score band in the right drop-down (e.g., 470–540).
  • Click the Go button.

You'll get the Skills Insight statements for that content domain and performance score band, as well as related example questions. To view skill statements and example questions in other domains and/or performance score bands, update the selections above and click the Go button.